Hello, my name is Unais K - and I am a

Computer Grad, Website and Software Designer and Developer, SEO and Social Media Analyst, Branding Consultant and a Personal and Corporate Trainer in Web Technologies and Social Media

I create modern and responsive Web Applications as well as Windows based Applications

This is what I do

The world is going digital and moving at a gigabyte pace. So, all that can get you started and geared up is a really cool and attractive website, an edgy social status and online presence.

Web Design

We excel in providing clean, concise and attractive websites with cross device behaviour and soothing user experience that can really make the customers win your heart and hence, your business.

CRM solutions

CRM softwares help maintain better client relations and make way for more prospective business. We can provide a CRM solution tailored to your needs which would help you manage all your clients at one place.

SEO and Branding

Get an edge over your competitors by making sure your business and services show up at the top of search results. We also help you build a social brand value by means of SEO, Social Media management and Branding.

Training & Consultation

We provide consultation to help you take the right step into promotion of your business and win over your clients. The secret to success is to start off in a well-planned way and move along the pre-developed roadmap. We also provide Personal and Corporate Training to professionals in all the modern web technologies like .NET, Angular, NodeJS etc.

My Skills

Me and my team believes that if you wanna be successful and a step ahead of your competitors, you need to be in sync with the fast moving and dynamic world of technology. Hence, we keep ourselves updated with the latest trends in technology.

Custom Software solutions


Clean and Cross-device website design


SEO, Social Media and Branding


Quality of Delivery


I'm available for freelance projects.

Drop me a line

You are just a few words and a button click away from getting that awesomely designed website you always dreamt of. So what are you waiting for? Give a ring or drop a mail at the below mentioned contact and ill get back to you at the earliest.
Phone: +91-9768 77 3646
Email: info@unaisk.com